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I'm jonesin for that familiar pre-dawn silence just before the masses awake to hit the strait. I am often sleepless the first morning drinking bad coffee from small styro cups on the slippery creaky dock looking out at the phenomenon we know as the pacific salmon run as the dim profile of Vancouver Island appears against the backlit sky and the crowds converge on the docks carrying fishnets and coolers and rods with dodgers clanging.

Who knows what lies ahead, each tide change is a new shift of biomass under the hull in those swirly restless 1000 foot deep cold watery canyon between the OP and BC. Flickering silver baitfish sheared by the commanding streaks of coho green backs in the rips.

The first years I did it I was literally the only person with a fly rod in sight out there in fact took quite a bit of ridicule until a hooknose came cartwheeling out of the water with the fat line in tow.

Then the first hooknose clave out there was with a edge-cutting crew - Bob, Tony, Stephen, etc. A pea soup fog rolled in and big hooknoses in the mid-teens came in tight to slip pt to feed on the surface and we literally sight cast to them. This was many years before the Forum, brought together by a mail list called

Yeah I am definitely coming out this year for this.
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