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Originally Posted by Warren
Great report. Some damn nice looking fish too. Those big ones must have put a nice bend in your rod what were you using for rods? 7 or 8 wt?
We used 9 and 10 weight rods. They're necessary to throw the big flies, buck the wind, and get the big girls to the boat in a reasonable amount of time. Even with the 10 weight rod, some of those big fish took ten minutes to land.

IMO anything less than 9 is pushing it, and anything less than 8 is borderline irresponsible to the fish. We heard tales of a guy who caught a forty inch fish on a 6 weight, and it made me cringe. They had to follow it around with the boat for forty minutes, and I can only assume that the fish was completely spent when it finally succumbed. I doubt the fish survived....probably died of boredom.
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