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Salmon scramble

Haven't posted status in a while but I've been holding at 157ish and a 31" waist but losing some muscle since the surgery although getting back to a routine lately and hope to get back on track. So diet has been key in holding while I had less activity.

Missing the home-smoked salmon and steelhead I had on had for so many years in the PNW I've been using a variation for the smoked salmon omelet fix.

Rubensteins sockeye canned salmon is always high quality and comes in small single-omelet sized cans. I start with a little light olive oil with a sparse pinch of chipotle powder in the hot oil, then soften some finely chopped red onion and some fresh dill or just a scoop of taboule from the tub if lazy or in a rush.

I just dump the can in the frying pan to the side and break up with a fork, seasoning with Chef Paul Prudhomme's new Salmon Seasoning - incredible stuff.

Give this a good light sauteed texture and push to one side, pour in some Land o Lakes 'Healthy Beginnings' egg white product (which really tastes like real eggs unlike the other brands) and finish over medium heat to a light fluffy textured omelet.

Now it's not as good as a real pacific smoked salmon omelet especially if you have some fresh dungeness crab on hand - but it's quick, yummy and keeps your body occupied with high protein stuff until your grilled chicken salad at lunch.

Now if I can just get rid of the 1am drive thru burgers...
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