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the T130 is a 24 feet shooting head S/F line of 130 grains, from the company "Jim teeny". I actually made the mistake of buying it thinking it was a regular sinktip, and was into a big surprise...

The strange thing is that, even though Im an average-to crappy caster, I get better distance with my regular WF line. And if I practice too much with the shooting head, it worsens my casting later on with my WF line...

Im getting both the hard bounce and whip effect. Ill try out the long leader, sounds like a good idea

I tried lowering the thumb, good tip, worked well. If I think of that medieval weapon of a stick, a metal chain and an iron ball at the tip whirling above my head, while I cast the head, I get better results.

what are shooting heads used for anyways? its certainly not a "pick up-cast right away line", at least for me, cause when the 24 feet head sinks like a brick, its a bitch for me to bring it from the bottom of the water without 2 or 3 roll casts plus 2 or 3 false casts...
anyways, thanks as always
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