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Where to start...

Ok, first, I'd like to say that Juro is doing a hell of great job instructing here. I like that about the haul paralleling the casting stroke. Good stuff.

Noticed a couple things here though.

1) Starting at 2 o'clock? Nah, all casts should start with zero slack, which means the rod starts at the water's surface. That way you can begin to load the rod from the moment you start moving it. Starting with the rod lifted means you're denying yourself feet of casting room. Remember, the longer the rod moves through the casting stroke, the more it will load. Start low.

2) You don't really want to look like that vid. Trust me. Not that the gentleman is doing a bad job of casting, but he clearly has found what works for him... after much trial and error, if I'm any judge. To begin with his stance is working against him. Being right handed his right foot should be back, not forward. That way he can move his arm as far back as he wants, without having to turn his body like that. Turning the body usually results in sweeping the rod tip in a semi-circle, which equals wasted energy. Also, look at his hand. It starts low and ends high on the backcast and drops back down on the forward cast. That's a sure fire recipe for tailing loops = wind-knots = bad juju. Try to keep your hand on the same plane during the cast, and again, keep it low.

3) Juro's absolutely right. Start learning the haul with inches, not feet. Right at the moment when you make your 'power snap', 'speed stroke' or whatever you want call it, give the line a quick 2-inch tug. Using the wrist will suffice. The line should take off. When it does, let it take those few inches back into the rod. Do that on both the forward and back cast.

Hope this helps.
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