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Exclamation first fish on fly

after purchasing my pfluger fly set up a few weekends back i finally planned a trip .went down the creek today after it stopped raining in search of some big carp with the fly gear. we saw them as soon as we arrived but couldnt get casts to them due to the scrub around so we continued on i saw a big one cruising around heading toward the bank so i snuck in and it was half out of the water sucking at the bank it eventually turned around i flicked a fly in front of it but it ignored it and continued on when i heard the sound of adams reel going off so i grabbedthe lip grips and help him land the first fish for the day. we continued on and adam got another one we continued on several kilometers down the creek when the creek started to get alittle slimmer then there was a hole with a carp holding in it. i flicked a cast but we lost sight of it so we kept going and came back. i could just make its shape out through the glare of the overcast day but i couldnt tell which end was its head. i flicked a cast to the right of the obect and then it moved and i relised that was its tail so i pulled the fly out and recast this time about 20cm in front of it the carp turnedand swam to it sucked it in and i lifted the rod tip this time it was bearing the weight of the carp. about 5 mins into the fight i told adam to grab the cam and take some action shots! then about 10 minuetes after that we had the lip grips in its mouth and up on the bank! i was stoked! well after that we covered many more kms of the cr eek before deciding to call it a day!
hopefully this will be the start of many fish on my new fly rod.

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