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I don`t know about that! Lets see, since last Wed when we last were together. I worked Thur, Fri, Sat, Mon, Tues and Wed, with Thur and Fri still to go! Of course the weather`s supposed to turn crappy for my once every 2 months Sat off.

It was a real pleasure to have Mike onboard! It was a far cry from Albies off the WW, but he rose to the occasion and boated a bunch of nice fish. His biggest wish was to catch a fish as big as his newest son, and he came real close, 29"! Guess thats why we haven't heard much from him lately.

It's nice to be called Capt., but I really don't deserve it, I'm just a guy with a boat that likes to fish. Real Capts. have earned that title with a lot of hard work and study and time on the water. I would be an egomaniac if I thought I was in the same league with people that have devoted a lifetime to attain such an honored title.

I think the easy, big numbers fishing is about to end with the fish spreading out and taking up summer residences. Now it will become more about structure and current and matching the hatch. We may see a few more days of wide open surface blitzes but the summer pattern is about to set in. That leaves us plenty of time to fantasize about TUNA!
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