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Orvis comes through with new rod, quick-like

I broke the tip section of my T3 909 2-pc. rod while striper fishing at the Cape last week. I brought it in to Fishing the Cape in E. Harwich and they sent it off to Orvis in Manchester, VT for me.

Chris at Fishing the Cape told me to hang on the rod tube and sock; he just needed to send back the rod. I expected them to fit a new tip section to the rod. When I returned home from trout fishing today, there was a brand new T3 (all new, not just a new tip) complete with a new sock and aluminum rod tube. They did it in a week and a half, including shipping time both ways. I paid a $20 fee. I'm pleased with that.

The last time I broke a rod (also at the Cape), I brought it to the Orvis shop in Manchester the day after I got home from my Cape fishing trip. The guy working behind the counter had been fishing in Chatham also; we had just talked to each other at "the bathtub" two days before!

In that case, I handed him the broken rod (an older, discontinued PM10) and he handed me a new Trident. Can't beat that....

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