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I forgot to add...

the secret to tightening a nail knot is that pulling one end tightens the opposite set of wraps.

So pull the tag to tighten the wraps near the leader, then pull the leader to tighten the wraps on the line side, alternating if necessary and using the fingernails to correct if needed.

I never bother threading the leader thru the line, it will probably affect the tightening of the wraps on the line side (dunno).

Another option I like is the epoxy splice Tony Gades showed me. Strip the coating, push the leader butt into the core and up inside the coating (bulge will appear) then a drop of zap a gap. No knot at all.

Again with the needle this is rarely necessary and it's so thin it's never in the way on the vest or chestpack.

I wear a Morning Star lanyard with one on a clip along with clippers (.99 cent drug store clippers with bead chain removed - I use the bead chain for bonefish fly eyes)
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