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New Nauset Cut

Went fishing on Saturday and paddled out to the new cut - the tide was outgoing and low enough that I could see the structure which looks perfect but no bait, no fish, no I paddled down towards the tip and caught fish the whole way. Pretty good sized 25" - 30" and I had the whole bay to myself and a gang of seals - I love rain.

Action slowed when the tide did so I paddled back stopping here and there to practice with the two-hander and caught fish but not with the regularity I had been. Also the fish decreased in size.

Got back to the big cut and it was a different story it was just the beginning of the incomming but the water was ripping through and creating something of a very deep eddy. What was neat was that you could position the yak so that the two currents kind of balanced it in place. This time there were some fish - but not much different than what I had been catching the rest of the time - no bait that I could see and the seals (which had been following me) stayed away. Word to the wise - it is very tempting to land on the multiple sand bars in that area and I did but the speed that the water fills in, and the sudden drop off make launching and landing somewhat hazardous - I didn't have a problem but I can easily see where some folk would.
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