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Hi Jim and Mike,

Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions, I definately need more practice dealing with larger fish to get more comfortable with handling them. I was about to get blown into a hazardous area and perhaps rushed myself too much. I ended up grabbing the leader and tried pulling the fishup and forward along the kayak to get a hold of his tail. It was too long! I didn't land him in the Kayak, But had a good close look as the fly got pulled out. It was rather frustrating experience. The wind was howling and it was choppy making it that much harder to deal with the fish.

In retrospect I should probably have pulled him forward using my other hand and put the rod in a holder with some slack in the line. I should not lift it up out of the water as much as the heavy weight made it too easy to pull the hook out. If I could have gotten a hold of his tail with one hand then I would have at least a good hold of it and might have been able to pull him in. I didn't look like it would fit in the foot well area anyway, a rope through the gills and tie him off and drag him in would have worked best probably, I didn't even have a rope for that, I simply wasn't prepared to deal with that big of a fish. It's not a bad problem to have, But it would have been nice to land this one.

Thinking it through alittle further I think I need a boga grip since I couldn't reach the tail and a rope to tie the fish off with. Bringing it in the Kayak with so little available space is probably a bad idea, dorsal fins and sharp teeth depending on the species is no fun to have in your lap.

Live and learn...


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