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Gaspe fall fishing

Hello Pete and Fontinalis,

There are multiple options for fall fishing. Both the Mirimichi area and the Gaspe are excellent choices for the fall. The Mirimichi fishes until mid to later October, if I am not mistaken, and the Gaspe rivers fish until the end of September.

There are a few differences between the two areas that I am sure many other members here can point out like water clarity, fish runs, number of rivers etc... I would rather not go into detail as I do not want to sway you one way or the other. Perhaps some other readers can fill you in on the differnce between the two.

What I would like to make clear is that I sold my business GSD, in the winter of 2006 and am no longer working for that company. I am now GUIDING as an INDEPENDENT guide. So if you want to reach me, you can only reach me through a PM or by telephone. I do not want to advertise here as it is not allowed, however, there seems to be a lot of confusion as to what my guide status is this year. I can assure you that I will indeed be guiding all summer and fall, just not for my old company which is now owned by another local camp.

If you are looking to make a trip on a less expensive budget, there are several options open to anglers both here on the Gaspe and in the Mirimichi area. You can rent a hotel room, cabin, B&B or camp out and can hire independent guides per day. In Quebec there is no guide law, so you can even fish on your own if you wish.

There are also several good outfitters in NB and QC to choose from if you are looking for a full service package.

If you need any more info, I will be happy to fill you in through a private message.

Juro, I hope that I am not crossing the line between advertising and simple info giving, if I did, I am sorry. I simply want to set the record straight about my guide status as there have been several people that have been misinformed lately.

Fontinalis, thanks for the plug! I appreciate it! I will send you my private info later today.

Screaming reels to you all!


David Bishop
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