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Hello Vtgreen,

I also live in NH, Grew up in Williamstown Ma. Fished all over Southern Vt as a kid & even into Lake Champlain. However, I have not fished in Vt since my High School days. 25 some odd years ago.
I have recently fished in the Conn River over by Charlestown NH/Springfield Vt, good bass & pike fishing over that way.

I do fish two or three times a year in Pittsburgh NH.
Stone, the Moose pond you show on your map link is on a good road one can drive a Cadillac to. There is a Moose Bog just over the Maine Border on on the upper reaches of the Magalloway river that fits your description of hard to get to. I am sure that there is more than one place the locals call Moose Bog in that part of the world.

Never the less, Fishing is good up in that section if you look around & like to bushwack some.

I would be up to joining you for a day of fishing anywhere around Central VT or NH if we can make it happen.
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