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I shudder at the hint of eliteism creeping into the 'community' that's taken hold in this corner of the More importantly, this board has seen and shown how the thread of common interest can translate into positve action. I know that every event that was intitated by a member of this board (many of which i had to miss this summer <grrr&gt had only one qualifier, to share the true joy we find in exploring the margins between land, air and ocean. Personally I chose this year to solely fish the flyrod as a challenge to myself in the hopes it would make me a better fisherman. Would I have felt excluded if I split my time between slinging eels, tossing plugs and working the long wand?

Let's never think in terms of 'us' and 'them', or we might find that the next Al_D, grego, hawkeye, terry, sully or juro might turn away and (as the aformentioned are all examples of..)that would be all of our loss.

my $ .02
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