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Look folks, I don't want to preach PC values. In fact, I despise them almost as much as prejudice and stereotypes, since they are really the same thing only the other side of the coin.

Knee jerk responses aside, I feel it's important to discuss these things. How far do we allow "playful elitism" to go? You can't shake hands with the Devil and say you're only kidding. At what point does someone step in and say, "hey, you've stepped over the line." I'm a purist too (for the most part), but I recognize that I can learn from multiple sources and don't want to alientate anyone for the sake of fun and games.

I apologize for getting on my high horse with you Terry, but I saw the playful elitism thing extending to include matters of class and social standing. I didn't mean to sling mud on you, my friend.

Juro, I agree mostly with what you are saying, but an elitist mentality does nothing to educate those who are practicing the unsavory techniques that we all want to eliminate. In fact, it only adds fuel to the fire of the likes of Louis Beatini.

Exactly what goal do we seek to accomplish with playful elitism? I would put forth that it really just makes us feel better about ourselves. It certainly does little to effect any change in the way people treat fish. I would argue for a more enlightened approach (See there, my intellectual elitism is in full bloom :-&gt

What are we really after? How do we want this community to evolve? I want it to be a fly fishing only site, too. But I don't want to be part of an electronic circle jerk where we all sit around and congratulate each other on what superior beings we are. I need something more than that.

Is it me who should be thinking about leaving?

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