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Originally Posted by teflon_jones
A 6-9 ft leader will work well for most bass fishing. The butt section of most leaders is usually 20-30 lb test which is exactly what you need. The tippet should be a 0-2X size. I like to use tapered leaders and then tie on tippet to the end. If the water is clear, go towards the 9 ft end, otherwise, stick to a 6 ft leader. I also like to use flourocarbon since it's invisible under water.

If you go with the tapered leader, get one that's 9 ft and tie on flies right to the leader until it's 2-3 ft shorter than when you bought it, then add back 2-3 ft of tippet.

Thanks Teflon. I'm assuming that 0-2X size on the end of that leader will allow me to cast most anything? I don't really think I'll want to be casting anything bigger than a size 3 or 4 bug anyway at this point, and at that point if I want to throw a really big fly I could just cut off the thin tippet and tie further back on thicker stuff. Thanks again.
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