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Hook up or down?

Probably not a simple answer to this question but I could use some pointers.
I have been fishing for 50 years but fly fishing for only 8. I have just started to tie my own flies, mostly bonefish flies and am learning on my own. I have tons of flies I have purchased over the last few years so after learning to tie a few of the basic bonefish flies I have started experimenting, combining different things I like about different flies into something I think will catch fish. I have more fun doing that. I will tie something and then test it in the tub and it does not sit like I was intending for it to. The hook will be down instead of up like I intended or vise versa. Is there a secrete to getting the flies to ride like you want them to? I just thought if you tie the eyes on top the fly should float hook up but doesn't seem to work for all flies.
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