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leaders for smallmouth ...

I'm a true noobie with many questions, but right now I'm trying to figure out which leader I need.

I spin-fish for smallies on small creeks to large rivers here in central KY, and last year I caught a trout on my buddy's fly rod and I've had the fever ever since.

For Christmas I got a 9 foot 6 weight Sage Launch w/ the intention of fishing largemouth, panfish, and of course smallies.

Question is, what kind of leader do I need if I'll be throwing #6 and #4 bugs, woolie buggers, etc?

Is there an all-purpose leader that is a good "middle ground" to cover everything short of the really huge bass bugs?

Any recommendations?

Also, will I be better served with just a tapered leader in lieu of tying up my own tippet sections?

How can I make this simple?

Thanks in advance for any input.
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