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It is up to leadership in the House of Representatives to put aside money for it.
I could be wrong, but after the change of the leadership in Congress…… I predict the money founds will alocated, despite the fact that lots of money over the last 4 years went to Iraq enterprise……… Sen.M. Cantwell (D and Murry Putty (D) have now more influence in the US Congress, call them !!!

Regardless what people say, the leadership in Republican Party is for pro-exploitation and against environmental protection where current Democratic leadership is in general pro-environment.
Any comparison to what used to be 20-30 years ago is irrelevant , because the pie was much bigger at that time and people were not paying attention to a habitat.

It was during the last 5 years of “W” presidency, that for the FISRT time ever the founding for habitat , EPA and others environmental projects were cut severely year over year.

It was this administration which proposed and lost in the court to count wild Steelhead and Hatchery as that same species.

Sure that last 20 year of steelehad recovery did not produced the results and I am not excusing anyone for that, but if Bush and his friends had their way, the last line of defense ( listing of Wild Stgeelehad as a endanger species) would be gone for ever and within 2-3 year would be no swimming wild steelehead in WA or OR, period.
No more worries about wild fish, and entire West would be open to logger, miners, oil companies for profiteering on distraction and pollution.

It was old Bill who curtailed logging in 90’s and “W”, thanks to courts again, succeeded only partially to unwind the policy of Bill.

We, all know how logging effect spawning habitat of Salmon and Steelehead.
Where many politicians on both side are guilty, “W” ( sorry , I should say his master Dick and leadership in Interior Dep, marinated in oil ….) was aiming at the heart-HABITAT, with ideas which, if implemented, would effect the habitat permanently.

Now we have sill a good chance to slowly do right thing.
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