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A man walks into a bar and is immediately struck by a sign above him that reads, "Free beer for those customers who pass the test." Curious, he asks the bartender what this is all about.

The bartender points to a bottle of jalepeno tequilla behind him and says, "The test has three parts. First you have to drink that entire bottle in five minutes. Next, there's a crocodile out back with a sore tooth. Pull it out. Finally, there's an old woman who lives upstairs who hasn't had sex since her husband passed away ten years ago. You have to make love to her. If you pass, you get free beer from us for the rest of your life"

The man thought about it for a while and decided that free beer for the rest of his life was worth the trouble. He motioned to the bartender to pass the bottle, unscrewed the cap, and began chugging the firey hooch.

After a few minutes and with tears streaming down his eyes, he managed to get down the last drop of tequilla and proceeded to make his way out back with a slight wobble to his step.

From the back of the property where the crocodile was kept came a tremendous roar and the sounds of a struggle. After a long silence, the man came staggering back from the croc pen, his clothing torn and his arms and legs bleeding. He surveys the room and with a triumphant swagger blurts out, "Now where's that woman with the sore tooth!!"
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