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Iīm no expert and only a few times in my life Iīve had to play big trout, but from what Iīve read and heard the recommendation is:

-donīt check the first run, let it rip all the line it wants, or you risk getting the tippet broken
-after that, if you donīt have a good drag, use your index and middle finger of your right hand and press the line against the rod and use it as a drag (donīt press to hard!)
-try and get downstream of the trout, itīs easier to reel it in and you avoid fighting both the trout and the current
-use a landing net
-use your reel bring it in, not your left hand ripping line (this Iīm not sure what the reason is for this)
-if it jumps, point youīre rod tip down to give it some slack and avoid breaking the tippet.
-if your doing C. and R, avoid exhausting the trout īcause itīll probably die after release.
-if your keeping it, when the fish starts swimming on its side it means itīs tired out and you can safely bring it in.
- keep the line taut but donīt over do it.

well, hope it helps at least a little...
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