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No Excuses!

This is about the South Shore CCA One Fly tourney. And it's about the CCA. And it's about you.
YOU need to attend this event. Especially if you're a lurker. And especially if you're a frequent poster.

First, let's talk about CCA. I have, admittedly, kvetched about the organization once or twice. But that's like complaining about your sister -- you have to love her to be allowed to complain. CCA is the best voice around for people like us, people who are passionate about these inshore fish and their future and how regulations will affect the same.

But it's not like eating spinach or anything. Just because it's good for you doesn't mean Mikey won't like it. At our last meeting last week, for instance, Gene Bourque did exactly as advertised and spilled the beans on how to fish the Elizabeth Islands, for real, with slides and everything. And it was fun.

And before that a buncha chicks from UMass Amherst showed us how they pump stripers stomachs. It's all cool.

NOW, we're holding this one fly tournament. Misnamed, because it's also one-soft-plastic-lure, if you're a heretic. [CCA is trying not to be an elitist flyfishing club, but it's an effort.]

Anyway, the South Shore One Fly Tournament is on June 17. That's the day before Father's Day, which means most of you have a trump card to pull and those of you who don't don't need one. So you should really be there.

If you don't know the area, that's cool. We'l pair you with someone who does. It's boat or shore. Also, here's a personal promise -- I will take out maps and show spots to anyone and everyone who comes, and I mean real spots not just the ones we mention to touristas. So will other people, who are better fishers than I.

There's a family barbeque afterwards, so you can persuade your significant smother that it's for all of you.

Now, everyone reading this post is part of a community which involves this BBS and certain predecessors to it, as well as a bunch of kindred spirits who participate in offline activities. Every now and then you really do need to give something back. And this is the most painless way of giving back, because it's absolutely freaking fun. You need to join CCA to enter, which is good because CCA needs members. Then, when CCA is talking to regulatory bodies, it's doing so on behalf of a significant number of people. This actually matters.

Did I mention yet that this is fun? We're talking mid-June on the South Shore. We're talking prime-time striper time in beautiful surroundings and, if I haven't mentioned it yet, we'll help you find the honey holes.

Here's how you sign up: If, at this point, you don't come, you need a pretty damn good excuse.
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