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Belize: Late October or December?

I'm committed to heading for Ambergris Caye in Belize this year. I have two holes in my work schedule: the last two weeks of October, and the first week in December. Any veterans with a recommendation as to which time is the best, factoring in fishing and weather conditions? I hear it rains a ton in October, but December can be windy and rainy when cold fronts from the north pass through. I want to fish five days; a little rain/wind aren't problems, and a day or so waiting out bad weather is okay. I'm not concerned about a hurricane; I know they are rare, but possible. But I would hate to be washed out/blown out the five days I'm down there by more typical seasonal crummy weather. I'll be fly fishing, and while bonefish are the goal I might like to take a little time to chase permit or tarpon, if conditions look promising. Recommendations? Thanks in advance for any help.
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