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Yup, on the flies mentioned above in about 5 feet of water... sight fishing. My dad picked up another one about the same size in only 2 feet of water. Same fly pattern. Fished with Big Charlie in damn near 20 knots of breeze but he still put us on fish. Needed 9-weights to handle the flies, wind... and fish. Strong hooks and plenty of backing help.

I found these big girls to be very aggressive to the fly, often chasing it for quite a ways. This particular fish floated up to take the fly 3 times, but the first two strip-strikes pulled the hook. On the 3rd try I hesitated slightly and stripped slow but hard, and came up tight.

Rule #1: strip hard, then raise the rod.

Of course, we were fishing specifically for trophy fish. I can't remember how many 6-8 pound fish we passed over after Charlie said, "Too small, man." Mind you, that was after warming up on whatever fished passed by on the first day, just to get into our game, but after that is was all business.


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