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RE:Jones'n for bones

Once again, I volunteer my skills as a DB/Web developer for the signups. I would like to generalize the signups this time and reuse for other events. My work is interested in hosting this and all future clave signups in exchange for some user feedback on network responsiveness and possibly on several Web projects we have on the stove. We will be upgrading to a full (or near full) T-1 in the next few weeks.

As to the nitty gritty of Boneclave 2000, I think the greatest obstacle we face is deciding on a location. Let's face it, any location we choose will be compared to Wahsburn island and come up a tad short, imho. It's like your first kiss. It's never as good as the first time..... on the other hand, you tend to get better at it the second time.

RI was the last viable proposed location. Are we still liking that?
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