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Reply to Juro!

No amount of irony is enough to make me stop asking dumb questions!!!!

Firstly, About the login real name is Jerónimo (Jerome in spanish), wich makes english speakers laugh and shout "Geronimo!", so I go Jero for short (something like Jerry in english).

Secondly, being english my second language, I have a hard time understanding fly fishing slang in english...If I´d known that skating caddis is a dry fly fished with a lot of drag...It´s something I´m an expert on and I do it all the time!!

thirdly, thanks for the steelhead patterns, but sadly there´s only landlocked trout where I live, so I have to satisfy with tiny trout in "pain in the ass" streams surrounden by spiny bushes and cactus...oh well, no wonder the place I live is called "the third world"!!

anyways, thank all you guys for the tips, each time I head out for a stream I know a little more about fly fishing than the time before.
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