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If you're going to ask questions like that you are going to have to change your login name to something that is a little less like mine!

Just kidding, that happens to be one of my favorite techniques.

A skating caddis is a pattern designed to be held under tension on the surface to create a wake, like a little boat, on the surface. The caddis fly is a common insect with this application since they lay their eggs on the surface while in flight and may fall in and struggle to get out of the water etc.

Steelhead can sometimes be driven to explosive takes on the surface with this method. Here are a couple of my original steelhead caddis patterns, one skater the other wet. I riffle hitch the skater. The wing design was shown to me by a hardcore guy from Bellevue a couple of decades ago and I swore I would not share the pattern but I have changed his design so much over the years it doesn't resemble his anymore

Juro's Fall Caddis (dry and wet versions)

There are years of testing and refinement in these patterns. I didn't want to share this or several other proven patterns I have been refining over the years. But go ahead and copy 'em, I am sure they work.
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