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DIY in Ascension Bay Mexico

The guy that came out said that the person he bought his condo from who developed about 50% of Half Moon Bay said this was a no fishing bay. I do not believe that its a law enforcement or Quintano Roo state driven thing, I think its a localized designation and the local condo owners are left to try and shoo people away. The guy told me that he loves to fish and would love to get after the bonefish there, but that it was clearly stipulated to him its a no fishing bay. The cab driver who was shuttling me around called a buddy that fishes in that area, and the guy recommended going to flats area south of Akumal three or four miles. I don't recall the name, but he presented it as lake/lagoon type setup. It might be Cayo Culebra, but I dont know what the road access is down to there because I didnt have time to try. If I had it to do over again, I might at least start further south in Soliman bay and see if there are less condos there, as I suspect the fewer condos the less the driver to restrict it as no fishing.
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