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Ascension Bay Mexico Trip Report

Took a couple of days of side trips on a vacation to Playa Del Carmen. Wanted to share a few tips on the Forum. I booked with Pesca Maya which is near Punta Allen. They arrange for transporation to pick you up at your resort about 5:30am and you get back about 7:00pm that night. Even though the road is improved to Punta Allen, it took about 2hrs and 20 minutes from Playa Del Carmen to get to the lodge. Quick breakfast then you are on the water about 9am. I noticed the small lodge at Boca Paila was about 40 minutes closer to Playa, so that would probably be my choice next trip as I had a 12 year old in tow and it made for a long day. The guides here (from talking to other guests after) is be sure when they ask you what you want to focus on you ask them how long of a boat ride to the quarry, as I ended up spending over three hours of boat riding to and from a narrow mangrove channel to take a few shots at baby tarpon. After that, got down to wading for bonefish. The guides took off my 10 ft leader I had built and went to about a 5 to 6 foot leader with lighter mono on the butt section. After having several bones come to the fly and flare off, I switched myself back to a RIO prefabbed bonefish leader and got a few takes.

Of the 6 boats, I think there were 9 bonefish caught and a few small cudas. The areas around the lodge appear to be real shallow, non wadeable, but had a good number of smallish tailing fish to cast to. Other areas had nice areas to wade, but many of those were less sheltered from the wind and you have to punch some casts. Good polarized specs like some Habervisions or something similar in copper is a must in these wading areas, especially when the wind muddies up the water some. One boat went up towards Boca Paila and got a bunch of shots at Permit. The area has potential, the place had nice boats, Echo rods and reels to loan you, but its a long drive and you have to lower your standards a bit from a typical Bahamas bonefish lodge. I wouldnt mess with the Tarpon in this area unless its high season and its rolling bigger fish you are chasing. I think in the summer when the wind lays some, getting a guide near Cancun is probably the way to go, especially if you are taking a kid. If you cant cast and want to get casting instruction here, I think it would be very limited.

I did a short DIY at Akumal. Its about a $40 one way cab ride from Playa. I waded in Half Moon bay and went to the mouth of Yal-ku lagoon but the wind direction and waves and depth of water made this a blind casting type deal so I waded back into half moon bay and got onto some very large cruising bonefish. There were lots of small cudas cruising as well, chasing my 8 yros wiggle jig that kept him excited. Abt that time two different condo owners came wading out from different directions through the fish to tell me there was no fishing in that bay. This area has definite potential and I think if you started further south where there were less condos, and started early in the morning -- this has good diy wade fish potential as you could definitely sight fish in between the coral and beach as its fairly smooth and almost flats like. Highlight of this trip was I got to put my new Sage Zaxis to work and man that is a sweet stick with incredible feel compared to my other Sage rods. Tight lines. Pics below
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