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Question catch and release vs. controlled fishing?

the waters I fish in are mainly populated by hatchery trout, although some spawning does ocurr. The trout here donīt have any enemies (such as ospreys) except for "cannibalism", and food sources are very limited (high mountain streams in very arid evironment) . Anyways, thereīs a debate going on between those who deffend absolute catch and release, who say it garantees the population of trout, and those who say overpopulation is decreasing the average size of trout (because food sources remain the same) and the "genetic" quality, affecting the trouts fight. Therefore they claim that total C. and R. is counter productive for the sport.
I tend to agree with the former for ecological reasons, but the latterīs argument does have some logic to it...
I guess it depends for each particular region, and there is probably no general rule about it, but does anybody know if there is any studies or real experiencies that support either of this views?
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