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Thanks Chris.

I'm tying some muddlers up for next season. Although I have never used them with any regularity, I know that they account for many takes. I am always hearing about the white muddler. This year I am going to give them a good try.

I do spin deer hair well. It's quite easy if you are taught some simple tricks:

1 - You must use a very strong silk or thin floss so you can really tighten down the hair allowing it to spin and "splay" out.
2 - The best results is to spin the hair on a bear hook.....with no coating of silk. This allows the hair to spin without friction.
3 - Take small bunches of hair and tie down tight and spin. After tying in 2 or 3 bunches, hold hook in vice with left hand, and pack "back" the hairs while bringing the silk through the hair to the next tie is on bear steel again.
4 - Repeat this until you tie off "temporarally" and then start clipping.
5 - When clipping muddlers, you clip with good scissors with point of scissors pointing towards the bend in the hook. This will allow you to form a cone shaped head, and will leave some short hairs unclipped forming the gill areas.
6 - While clipping bombers you do can clip in any direction to obtain the nice elongated tapering bodies. And when tying bombers, you tie the tail and a few saddle hackles in first. You must tie them in and keep the tie short so the bear steel is left to spin on. You must tie 2 bunches on top of where you tied the tail and the hackles start. Then you spin the rest on bear steel.....

Its quite easy if you follow these steps.....
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