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I am no expert but I am starting to understand them much more with the exposure I've had in recent years.

My take is that lagoon tarpon are best in the morning and evening hours or in hard running tides when they get excited. Even in stagnant waters if they get on the prowl at dawn you can expect hot and heavy action.

Like any fish when they are hot to trot they will hit about anything including poppers and clousers etc. When you have jaded a few by jumping their brothers they start to get hesitant although they seem to stay curious they don't eat as well after a few hookups from a given pod. Smart fish actually.

Rovers in a lagoon are different fish and each is naive to your presence (see the video clip from StKitts). So you won't fish to jaded tarpon until the next time you encounter these same fish another day and if you're lucky more just keep coming.

Pods hanging around a fisherman's cleaning station are a different story, you can easily hook a handful but then the group seems to catch on and get real picky.

That's when the SW creeper does it's thing. They seem to eat the little shrimp fly even after their brothers have been tearing up the place whereas the creasefly or anything weighted requires a little more reckless abandon than they have to offer once spooked, and some flies like flashy deceivers actually made them swim away in a rush.

Then there are the restaurant tarpon. Hordes of 6 foot long beasts who are picky enough to prefer snapper and mahi mahi over french fries and fillers. No lie. I didn't fish for these as tempted as it was.

I did make casts to cruising 50#+ fish that moved laterally in strong currents to inhale the fly which was swung like it was in a steelhead river (PR had strong tides).

I still like the smaller sized tarpon best while on foot - not to exceed 50 pounds.
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