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Eric (,Pete)

It's more of a "creeper" which is the original summer run version before the more pronounced sandbug (winter dredging).

I will post a pattern but verbally...

materials include
scintilla shrimp dubbing
mallard flanks or wood duck
tan, red or pink hackles
pearl flashabou
dull orange thread

tie in three strands of flashabou then dub small ball of dubbing on the bend.

cut a forked segment from a symmetric wood duck flank to make horns

tie in behind the dub ball to flare

palmer hackle over

dub in the next segment, horns, hackle


this fly can be tied in any size and is a killer on steelhead

i've kept it a secret for over a decade, except for a few friends like leland miyawaki who has driven me crazy with his success stories with it over those years

tied in a larger size it just drives tarpon nuts!
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