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Broken Rod Club!!!!!!!!!!

After only a half season, my Diamond Backwater 3-piece, 9' 9-wght Rod broke this past Saturday while fishing Sandy Neck. Not landing a fish or casting a Clouser, but simply false casting. The rod 'shattered' right in the middle of the upper third piece, not near the ferrel, but just above the 4th guide from the top. I saw no sign of scratch or ding at or near the break point.

I have an email into DiamondBack asking what I need to do to get a replacement. Has anybody had any experience with Diamondback as far as getting a replacement? Can a local dealer such a Blue Northern help me out and/or speed things up? Any help/advice/information will be greatly appreciated.

D'OH, D'OH, D'OH, D'OH, D'OH, D'OH, Now I know how Roop felt that night on The Race with his St. Croix!!!!!!
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