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Bill. Most seem to want to be there when it's cold here in the states in February March and even April. I've heard great reports from those that have visited in the fall, particularly November. Yes.....the fishing is very good here during those months and that may be a good reason to head to Acklins in the fall. Less popular then and the flats have been rested over the hurricane season. Spoke to one guy last year that went right after a hurricane and he said it was outrageous. Almost too easy.

Bob. Can you add to this? Your input has been very much appreicated. Thank you. If and when I go I will have saved enough money to spread around as much as possible. The last time I went to Andros I bought along something the kids said they needed. Basketballs and hoop nets. A local sporting goods store was going out of business and I bought twenty undersized balls for under $50 and enough nylon nets for all the courts on No. Andros. The guy I left them with to disperse had tears flowing as he knows most of the kids in the area. What an awesome feeling. We pumped most of them up before I left and headed for some of the courts. If you could have seen the look on those happy faces.............

So many places to fish.. friends to little time.
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