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I didn't mean to suggest DIY'ers aren't still welcomed here, it's just that the pressure is being felt by the fish and thus the guides. (Right now there are nine DIY folks fishing) There are some locals that think everyone should be guided, others are happy for the business at the stores and bars. Kathy has turned the meals into a great extention of her business. A nice mix is to hire a guide for a couple days to get to the more remote areas. DIY'ers should remember that the lodges are here to do business, not help them out. By not fishing the same places each day perhaps problems can be headed off. It's hard though, as most folks are here for six 1/2 days of fishing and don't think of the cummulative effects of the pressure, and are tempted to go back to the spots they have found fish. Three days of pressure on a flat often means at least a week before the fish feel comfortable enough to come back in in numbers. What a lot of folks don't understand is that these fish will use flats many miles apart. On calm days I have watched schools move three miles from a certain bay we fish
to feed in creek to the north. They have plenty of options on where to feed!

Your canoe story is right on. This is no place to be stuck out for the night. We always leave a daylight buffer for any problems coming in. No 911 here!
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