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RE:Beginner Lurking !

Hi Juro,
I would think that all of June and the first half of July when the outgoing tide coincides with dawn and dusk will be good for the west tip of Monomoy. I say outgoing because the tide is moving to the south along the coastline. At the Monomoy tip it actually goes from east to west though, and I believe it will bring the squid from the deeper water at Butler's Hole to the beach and rip that tails out there.
If I was in a boat I would prefer the tide incoming (south to north) and would be fishing at Bearses' at 415 to 7:30 am at maximum current. At Monomoy the slack is about 1 hour before Boston tide book low or high.
Sounds great in theory don't it. The truth is the more fishing we do the more good stuff we see. Eventually we get lucky enough to see something like the squid busting out of the water with 20 lb bass chasing them 20 feet away.
I got a dozen different squid flies and an 11 weight Sage waiting !!!

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