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To me its sad to hear that the attitude of the guides on Acklins is changing. I made a trip there in 2002 and didn't encounter that. When planning a return trip in 2004 I was first made aware of the move to ban DIY in the Bahamas. I don't want to get into that here.

I guess the more popular a place becomes the more it changes. When I was there, on a solo trip, in the fall of 2002 there were 2 fishermen flying in with me and none flying out. I fished for the whole week, 3 days guided and 3 days on my own, and never saw another fisherman. I think I was the only fisherman on the Island for part of that week. Even though I had limited experience bonefishing, and this was my first trip to the Bahamas, I had little trouble finding fish and they were wild and eager to eat.

I remember some of those fish but the thing I remember the most is the challenge and the great feeling of accomplishment I got from meeting the challenges. To be all alone on a those flats can be humbling and a little frightening at times. Especially when there is a large shark moving back and forth between you and your canoe.

The first afternoon there I took off in a canoe accross the bay with the wind at my back, pulled into a creek and fished up it. Think I caught a couple of fish in the creek then on my way out I found them tailing as the sun was going down on a flat at the mouth of the creek. It was a beautiful sight seeing those tails flickering in the low sun. So paying little attention to the falling sun, I chased tails till I figured it was time to head back accross the bay before there was no sun. I learned a lesson. The wind was now in my face and it was more than a struggle to get back. Going into the wind I made little headway in the direction I needed to go. So I just started paddling the quickest direction to shore and ended up maybe a mile below the lodge. From there I waded the edge of the shore towing the canoe behind me finally getting there as it turned dark. I'm a surveyor and I have walked many miles through the woods swinging a bush axe but I don't ever think I have been as tired as I was that day. Funny when I look back now that was the highlight of the trip.
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