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The mailboat is more like 18-20 hours, and not a place I'd want to spend ANY time on, nor do very many of the locals anymore! Nor would you be able to just hop of the plane and onto the boat. It takes frieght on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, then leaves sometime on Thursday to arrive Saturday by way of Crooked and Long Cay... unless it is diverted somewhere else on a charter or has mechanical problems etc.

Some guys had a Kayak here earlier this year and hardly used it. The issue is covering ground to get to places on different tides, not crossing deep channels etc. When the wind blows I can't imagine having to paddle back with the light fading. The key to fishing Acklins is a good boat or strong legs, and with many of the best flats 10 miles or more from any access point I prefer the boat!

The DIY guys have not been finding great numbers of fish lately, partly due to the weather, but also due to the fact that the same flats have been pounded almost daily for weeks. If you are coming over, be prepared to hoof it to find fish and rest the easy to get to spots. Harry Creek looks like a watering hole for buffalo there are so many tracks, and the Delectable fish are acting like they are from Ten Bay! This is not lost on the local guides who fish those areas when the weather gets rough, and serves to reinforce what everyone has heard coming out of Exuma and Long Island. Fedel, on the other hand has been doing great business taking frusterated DIYers out and getting them into unpressuered fish! One other heads up, DIY is just that! The lodges are not pleased to have DIY folks droping by asking to use phones and computers, asking where to fish etc. Acklins is remote, be prepared to be out of touch for a week and figuring it out on your own. It's amazing how many folks show up wondering why Verizon does not work!

There is an internet connection at Felton's now, but the phone has been out for several weeks. The internet may or may not work at times.


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