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Teeny TT-275?

I recently purchased a Teeny 275 grain Tip Taper line with a 22' head and 60' running line, and am having some difficulty casting it. I am using a 9x9 Orvis Clearwater rod, and a 6' 30 lb. Ande leader with a piece of yarn on it. While the line is loading the rod fine, only about 1 in 5 casts lands straight 60' out. 2 in five land in a mess at various distances, and 2 in five land in a very large L, hinging near where the head and running line join. I have triend throwing open and closed loops, sidearm casts, belgian/oval casts, and overhead casts. I have triend having 1-2 feet of overhang, as well as stripping the head into the rod and shooting it out on the back cast. The last fast sinking integrated shooting head that I used was a 300 grain Orvis Wonderline depthcharge, and that was a pleasure to cast, both on my orvis Clearwater and my 9x10 Loomis Crosscurrent, so I'm wondering if I'm screwing up, or if the line just sucks?
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