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Juro. If I ever make the trip, I'm tempted to take the Mailboat and a set of tandem yaks purchased in Nassau to toss in the trucks. Seems the way to go. Just need a safe place to store them for the groups that follow. Rent them out and they pay for themselves. One could land in Nassau and just hop on the next boat........sameday. Boat ride to Acklins is 12 hrs. so one must sleep on deck with the baggage. No weight restrictions. Sound ridiculous?

Has anyone reading this truely explored the Bahamas the way the folks that live there do? I am very curious about this. When I was on Andros, I met an Italian that uses mailboats frequently. He said it was one of the best parts of his adventurous nature and very affordable. Not totally reliable and very slow as is life on the islands.

So many places to fish.. friends to little time.
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