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great story pete, I felt like I was there in the cottage with you guys

the weather seems to have put the damper on things but it says something that you guys still found the enjoyment in it... it says you're hardcore and not just tourists.

If only the fish count makes the trip is it really an adventure? Not for me. My most memorable and exhilarating outings have been those where the challenge seemed insurmountable, but victory gained in one sense or another.

One day on my last visit the fish were mudding in a hole and it was literally one cast after another. For the first dozen or so it was fun but after that I would be looking down the horizon for something a little more interesting even as a fiesty bone was yanking the rod in my hands.

Another day I fished a coral head laden flat where each head had an abundance of crabs and gobies living in them. There were double digit bones that I could not trick visiting these coral heads in waist deep water in a circuit looking for a sustantial meal unlike the smaller bones. But one crunch of the coral under my shoes and they were gone. Consistently over 10#. I observed their pattern and crouched like a snake behind one and waited for an eternity until they came toward my stake out. Just rising high enough to clear my fly line for a cast was enough to send them to the next coral head, and again moving my feet a hair created the telltale crunch and they bolted off. I never hooked any of them.

I came back far more fascinated over the latter, in fact those 'graveyard' fish haunt me still.
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