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Great report Pete. There's no accounting for the weather. Probably would have been better off with this weeks new moon tides. One thing I learned 2 years ago was to travel light. I had a big canvas duffle with all my gear in it. Because it was oversized it didn't make the flight from florida to Nassau. Consequently I had to run down to customs in the am to collect my bag, which came in on a later flight, then run to the other end of the airport to catch the plane to Acklins. Running with this awkard duffle hanging off my shoulder resulted in some tweaked muscles in my lower back. Pretty much had me in pain all week and tried to ruin my fishing. I figured out that once upright and walking in a staight line I could deal with it, though the soft flats like Delectable bay and Pestall were brutal. Any torsional stress on my torso would want to bring me to my knees. Anyhow, dispite that experience I had a great time and fell in love with the place. Been there just once but, in my mind, it feels like home.
Fred A.
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