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And what about reels & backing?

Just recycling this thread as I'm embarrassed to admit that with all of the two-handed fishing I've been doing, I haven't landed a really big salmonid on a single hander in four or five years. I think the last time a big salmonid took me into my backing on a single hander was in '99 on the Mo'.

Thinking back, a general rule was, "smaller rivers need less reel" simply because the fish ran less with less room. Most were reluctant to leave the pool. For the Gaspé, I'm looking at 100 yards of 30 lb. as judging by the pictures of the rivers, if a fish ever got 100 yards downstream of me, it's into the third or fourth pool by then and it's definitely a gonner. Given what I can see of the rivers, backing is more for filling up the reel.

Right? Wrong? I'll be using a stiff 8 wt. 9 footer -- when I'm not using two hands.
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