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Bill....I think that you hit it on the head "every yak has it's + and _ "
This yak's +'s are: comfort, stability, ability to stand and cast...the negative....wet on a rough day. So it's going to come down to how one's going to use it....if it's estruaries, salt ponds and protected's a good choice....rough water(spray)...not. Of course if's it's mid summer and warm...who cares I did look at them again the other day (I think that the dealer is begining to think that I'm a pervert or something)...the sides of the hull are at least 4 to 5 inches higher than a traditional yak, which would control for at least some spray....the more I think of this partcular yak is really a 'Yaknoe" combo of Kayak and canoe. AND of course the last decision: do I really need to have a yak? of course, I could say that about 1/2 the other stuff I have for fishing.
PS: If I go to the dealer one more time, I think that he will just give it to me so I don't come back
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