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learning no curve

the line hits the rod on the forward cast because the forward stroke is exactly same plane as on back stroke. similar to tailing loop. fix is to practice with a minimal wrist movement at speed up and stop to make a small arc for rod to get out of way and go below line coming after. a slight offset of back cast or slight belgian cast will also help. good to see your trying to tighten the loop but to artificially extend the cast with arm moving straight out will often lead you to this problem, just another right of passage to flycasting jedi. read one of leftys books or troubleshooting the cast and they will talk all about this. your really close, just dont put any weight on your fly until you get this fixed. i sent a rod tip into sage with fly actually piercing into and through the rod tip, talk about line speed sharp hooks and a tough lesson to learn about a lil arc needed with longer casts. best image i was told to fix this was trying to use same motion as you would holding a hammer and pounding a nail two feet in front of you at eye level. i was healed after that imago. gl
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