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Andros Flies...


Depending on the size fish your going for and depth water, I'd bring along some larger "Gotcha Clouser" with heavy eyes. When I fished there we were going for trophy fish in 3-6 feet of water, so we used #2 Clousers with lead eyes to get down quick. The bigger hooks were for the bigger fish, but also so they wouldn't straighten out. (We straightened two #4 Mustad 34007's and a #2 34007 on smaller fish.) I guess I'm saying hook choice is important. I used Mustad Signature Big Game Light hooks for the bigger fish and had no problem, even with 16# tippet and drags pretty much cranked.

Basic story, even big, tough fish will fall for a Tan & White Clouser with gold flash and Gotcha Pink head. Tie these in several sizes with various weighted eyes to cover your bases.

Lastly, make sure you have some flies that are much larger and much smaller than you think you need.

Good luck,

(Gotcha Clousers Below)

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