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Native Watercraft (Ulitimate)

Been playing with the idea of buying a yak and in looking around, came across the above "vessel"... it's designed for fishing, relatively light weight (44 lb for the 12 footer), has a pontoon hull design (coved upwards in the middle) for actualy allows one to stand and cast...even has a drop down keel for tracking and can come equiped with an anchor/pulley system which can be back mounted and controlled from the is high backed with much built in support and even designed to keep your legs in a slight downward position for comfort.
My only concern is...does it give a wet ride if seas are a bit rough......although it is a sit in design, there is no bow or stearn covering...only 2 support cross cockpit like a canoe.....this affords easy storage of gear and paddle when not in use.....but???
Has anyone used one....any comments + or - ????
Much appreciated,
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