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I am familiar with and go there quite often. I saw some of your posts and was wondering if it was you or not. I started doing some wrapping today and this is going to be really bad I can see much money going down the drain to another addiction... My initial efforts have proven to be quite pleasing and i can't wait to get the rest of my stuff on Monday so i can really get to wrapping. Building from scratch will be a bit more involved but I don't see too much to slow me down. The handles will be the biggest hurdle. I did order a Doc Ski DVD that was highly recommended so i can't wait to get that and watch the master spin some rods up. With that DVD I will be wrapping like a pro in no time. the really impressive thing is the thread art some of these guy's do I hope to at some point take a stab at doing some decorative wrapping but for now I am happy to just do some useful wrapping for rods that will get alot of use. Jim it is time you started wrapping again especially seing as how you put all the time and effort into making your own power wrapper. I having been drooling over the Renzetti power wrapper, I see one in my future. I just love quality machining it is sexy as hell not to mention highly useful and productive. I will hone my skills on the cheap manual wrapper then graduate to the big boy wrapper. I love making stuff and i can see myself really getting psycho with this.
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