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Character deformation?!...

Distribution of STRESS is the goal...
If you want to carry it seat up...hull conforming pads that properly support the hull and minimize WARPING are key...
For seat down...The cockpit top edge is structurally more robust and will ride nicely on the rack rails (padded rails will serve you better and be kinder to your prized tupperware)...
If the boat does not sit on that flat edge, properly contoured pads will minimize WARPING...
Straps snug the boat to the rails and secures it in place...Don't get carried away!
Excessive strap forces WILL deform the hull!
A safety line from the pointy ends to the bumpers will prevent unwanted launching at highway speeds!

Do a post-loading/predeparture walk around to make sure everything is right and secure.
Loose items in the boat may take flight and will make some following stranger very happy...
Periodic enroute checks ensure system integrity and mission accomplishment!
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